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  • letter from C.S. Lewis to E.R. Eddison, 16 Nov 1942 (Bodleian Library, MS. Eng. lett. c. 220/2, fol. 28) © CS Lewis Pte Ltd
  • letter from J.R.R. Tolkien to Caroline Everett, 24 Jun 1957, published in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien (London, 1981) © The Tolkien Estate Limited
  • Foreword to Zimiamvia: A Trilogy (New York: Dell, 1992) © Douglas E. Winter
  • The Autobiography of Arthur Ransome, ed. Rupert Hart-Davis (London, 1976), p. 38 © Arthur Ransome Literary Estate
  • Arthur Ransome, ‘The Books of E.R. Eddison’ Now & Then (Oct 1926) © Arthur Ransome Literary Estate.


The header illustration and end-pieces are understood to be the work of the late Keith Henderson, the well-regarded illustrator and war artist. The header illustration first appeared in the 1926 edition of Styrbiorn the Strong published by Jonathan Cape and the end-pieces appeared in the first edition of The Mezentian Gate published posthumously in 1958. Attempts to notify Mr Henderson’s heirs of the use of his work on this website have been unsuccessful, but the Estate of E.R. Eddison would be pleased to hear from them and to add to or modify this acknowledgement if they so wish.


The photographs of E.R. Eddison on the Home page and the ‘Biography’ page were taken by George Beresford c.1922, and the images are courtesy of the Hulton Picture Gallery.